About the Author

Evans Brasfield is a writer and journalist specializing in motorcycles. Prior setting out on his freelance career, he was Feature Editor at both Motorcycle Cruiser and Sport Rider magazines. He supported himself in graduate school by teaching motorcycle safety for the California Motorcycle Safety Program. In pursuit of his passion for two wheels, he has ridden everywhere he can (including all the way up to the Arctic Ocean) and gets a perverse pleasure out of riding in the rain. Although he loves all things related to motorcycling, sportbikes have always held a special place in his heart. He club-raced for five years and has participated in two WERA 24 hour endurance events. Track riding is at the top of his list of favorite activities.

Evans lives in Burbank, California with his wife, Karin, and their daughter, Minna.

You can find links to more of Evans' writing and discover the incomparable Random Evans Generator by visiting his web site www.evansbrasfield.com.

Headshot of Evans Brasfield
author racing in WERA 24 hour endurance event - photo by Dean Groover